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  • Treating Your Bunions
    Hallux valgus--more commonly known as a bunion--is a progressive deformity of the big toe joint. This bony bump causes irritation and pain and moves the big toe toward the second Read more
  • The Importance of Sports Medicine
    How the podiatrists in Austin, TX, can help you with a sports injury It’s great to stay active by participating in sports, but you also put yourself at risk of a Read more
  • Do You Need Treatment for Your Bunions?
    Bunions are bony protrusions on the side of the foot. They can be quite painful as the inside of your shoes rubs against them and produces friction throughout the day. Read more
  • How a Sports Medicine Specialist Can Help Keep Your Feet Healthy
    How a Sports Medicine Specialist Can Help Keep You Healthy If you are an active adult who participates in sports or athletics on a regular basis, you are probably familiar with Read more
  • Preventing Injuries on the Field
    Although ankle sprains are the most common sports injury, there’s a myriad of ways that athletes could hurt their ankles and feet during training or out in the field. Unfortunately, Read more
  • We are OPEN
    We remain OPEN and available to see patients on an emergent basis.  We have taken several steps to create the safest space available. These include but are not limited to Read more
  • COVID-19 and Capital Foot & Ankle
    Update on COVID-19 and Capital Foot & Ankle As all of you, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We want to bring everyone up to speed on our progress over the Read more
  • Treating an Achilles Tear
    When you have a torn Achilles tendon, it produces pain, swelling, and maneuvering difficulties, all of which make walking and standing incredibly uncomfortable. Fortunately, your Austin, TX, podiatrists, Drs. Trinity Read more
  • Common Sports Injuries and How We Can Help
    How the sports medicine services from your podiatrists in Central Austin and Bee Cave, TX, can heal your injuriesSports are wonderful for staying fit, staying active, and getting out and Read more
  • FAQs About Bunions
    Could your foot problems be due to a bunion? Help is on the way!  A bunion is a fairly common foot ailment; however, just because you have one doesn’t mean that Read more
  • Welcome To Our Blog
    Welcome to Our Blog!  Capital Foot and Ankle Surgeons of Austin would like to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find informative and useful postings about podiatric care and Read more

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