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April 15, 2012
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The average moderately active person takes about 7500 steps a day. Assuming every day the person walks, an eighty year old person who began walking at one year of age, would have taken 216,262,500 steps in their lifetime. An average person, with an average stride, living to this age of 80 will walk about 108,131 miles. Given this is the average (and Austinites are above average!), it is important to keep your feet in good health.

Good foot health can improve the health and well-being of our whole body. To start, begin by choosing smart foot wear with the right insole for your foot’s needs. Just remember, feet aren’t supposed to continuously be in pain; if you're feet are hurting, get them checked out by a podiatrist.

All this being said, let’s celebrate Foot Health Awareness Month. Whether that be by increasing our weekly physical activity, enrolling in a race or a sports program or by simply... taking a walk!


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