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  • Update #3 on COVID-19 and Capital Foot & Ankle
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Update #3 on COVID-19 and Capital Foot & Ankle

Update on COVID-19 and Capital Foot & Ankle

As all of you, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic. We want to bring everyone up to speed on our plan over the next several weeks to months as this is an ever-changing situation. As a trusted and leading health care provider in Austin, our goal is to ensure you can continue receiving care with the confidence that we have taken every precaution necessary regarding your safety while in our offices.

  • We plan to continue to see patients on a limited basis and are available to treat in the office for urgent and medically necessary visits as well as via Telehealth.
  • We encourage any patient with an acute injury i.e. ankle sprain, fracture, or acute problems such as infections, lacerations to call us.  This should help to keep patients out of the Emergency rooms and Primary care offices as much as possible.
  • We are screening all employees daily.
  • We are screening all patients prior to their visit.
  • All elective surgeries are postponed until mid-May as of right now
  • We are making changes to our scheduling to allow patients to be brought directly back to a treatment room and limit the number of patients in the office at one time.
  • Our waiting room has been modified to allow adequate space in the event more than one person is present.
  • We ask that patients arrive on time for scheduled appointments to assist us with minimizing the number of people in the office at one time.
  • We continue strict cleaning processes in our treatment rooms and common areas.
  • Adequate hand sanitizer is present in all areas of the office including Check-in

3/24/20  We now have the capability to provide Telehealth appointments. If this is an option you would like to use, please feel free to contact our office.  

3/31/20  We started a Universal mask policy the last week of March for all staff and Physicians.  We remain committed to following all scientific and evidence-based guidelines to create a safe place to see patients.

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